A mass movement in Plaza Lawton supposedly calling for the resignation of President Rodrigo Duterte flopped on February 1 due to a nearly zero turn out from the public.

Anti-Duterte protest 'nilangaw'
Photo by Alexander Katigbak
Alexander Katigbak, an active critic of the president in social media was the only one who attended the rally, which he planned himself. In his Facebook account, Katigbak has been calling Duterte a “wicked ruler.”

In a post dated January 24, Katigbak said that the public should join his “walk for a cause” to to show that the public can go to the streets and “demand the resignation of the wicked ruler.”

Katigbak furthered, “Have courage to make a stand or be another fake like a troll.”

To his dismay, photo comments on Katigbak’s post showed that Katigbak was alone in his quest.

His post also drew flak from the public who claimed that the protest “nilangaw.”

Here are some of the photos proving that the protest was a flop:

LOOK: Anti-Duterte protest 'nilangaw'

Source: Alexander Katigbak

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