Lawyer Glenn Chong erred about the political strategy of Vice President Leni Robredo and claimed that the vice president is calling President Rodrigo Duterte a "liar" in terms of his war on drugs and the imprisonment of Senator Leila de Lima.

"Ibig niyang [Robredo​} sabihin, inosente si De Lima, guilty si Duterte," Chong posted on Facebook.

Unfazed lawyer exposes political strategy of Robredo
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His comment comes after Robredo's successive tirades against the President. According to him, Robredo attacked the anti-drug campaign of the Duterte administration on Thursday, February 23. Also, the following day, Chong states that Robredo asked the President to be a "true leader" and to stop the "lies that destroy the truth and our society.

"Ito ang unang pagkakataon na direkta niyang ipinaabot sa Pangulo ang kanyang matinding pagpuna," Chong​ ​wrote.

Chong speculated that Robredo is retaliating for the election protest filed by Bong-bong Marcos which the Robredo camp fully denied. Recently, authorities found sufficient evidence in Marcos' protest, a decision feared by the Robredo camp.

Rumors of election rigging surround Robredo's win of the vice presidency last May 2016. Chong also claimed that this is the reason why Robredo is hitting Duterte whom, according to Chong, Robredo points to be the mastermind behind removing her as "personal vendetta."

He also concluded that this is the tactic of the Yellows so that they may have someone to blame when the "inevitable" happens.

"Sisigaw ang kulto nila na ninakaw ang pwesto sa kanila kahit pa sila ang totoong magnanakaw. At si Pangulong Duterte ang gagawin nilang convenient scapegoat (hantungan ng sisi) sa pagbabakasakaling magkaroon uli ng People Power na magloklok muli sa partido ng mga traydor sa bayan sa kapangyarihan​," he wrote.

Chong called the attacks against the President as "hitting three birds with one stone"--excuse for the election rigging, stealing positions, and the desire for another people power revolt.

He ended with the advice to not listen to Robredo as her claims are part of a mere "political strategy."

Source: Atty. Glenn Chong

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