JAIL SPO3 LASCAÑAS! by Representative Harry L. Roque:

Speaking as a lawyer, SPO3 Lascañas should be arrested and charged with murder given that he made his admission of his own free will and with the presence of his counsels but without the protect of immunity from suit.

Lawmaker Roque: SPO3 Lascañas must be jailed
Composite photos from Inquirer and Rappler
Whatever SPO3 Lascañas' pronouncements were, his declarations bind only himself to the the crime and cannot bind anyone else because of the principle of inter alios acta. And whatever credibility he had before has been eroded by his conflicting statements then and now.

Moreover, the timing of his flip-flop is also suspicious, having been made the day after charges were filed against Senator de Lima. It does not help, too, that his lawyer is also the lawyer of De Lima and that his "exposé" was made in the presence of Senator Trillanes, who has an obvious beef with the President.

One cannot but help think that this was done it divert attention from the impending arrest of Senator de Lima. The Muntinlupa judges should immediately issue warrants of arrest since De Lima's argument that she should be tried in the Sandiganbayan was previously junked by the Court of Appeals for lack of merit.

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Lawmaker Roque: SPO3 Lascañas must be jailed Lawmaker Roque: SPO3 Lascañas must be jailed Reviewed by Kristian S. on 22 February Rating: 5

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