Good news for our kababayans who want to work abroad! Japanese families are now looking for housemaids and are willing to pay at least P70,000.

Japan seeks housemaids, salary at P70K

Thoughtskoto reported that Magsaysay Global Services, their company is willing to provide applicants with 400 hours worth of training equivalent to two months. The training includes language proficiency, Japanese appliances operation, and basic house chores.

Japan is now in need of workers because of its aging population. Most jobs are at hotels, restaurants, and other establishments.

The work means working for eight hours with varying employers everyday. Housemaids are also entitled to a day off and vacation leave.

PASONA Groupd, a partner of Magsaysay Global Services, disclosed that at present, they are looking the next batch and a thousand more in the next three years.

More information can be found on their website.

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