Environment secretary Gina Lopez has been at the receiving end of criticism lately, especially on social media, for her anti-mining advocacies and projects.

But one of those who have expressed their encouragement for the self-confessed “lover of the environment,” is New York University alumna and writer Krizette Chu who took to Facebook to say, “I support Gina.”

#ISupportGina: NYU alum expresses support for Gina Lopez
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“Even before Gina Lopez we were already made aware, she only bought the issue to the fore,” said Chu regarding the issues on mining that Lopez has divulged ever since she took office.

In the said post, Chu revealed that her page is flocked with comments from pro-mining individuals whom she described as “abrasive, arrogant, dismissive know-it-alls.” She also accused them of calling anti-mining people “stupid.”

Chu blamed pro-mining individuals for the meager state of mining in the country which she called to be “in deep sh*t.” She also said that their arrogance thinking—they have the answers to everything—is what dwindles mining.

She also pointed the finger at pro-mining people for the defacement of the mountains and the community a they lack “diplomacy and sincerity and now concern and respect” for Filipinos.

The writer also criticized how “arrogant” pro-mining people use scholarly and language to defend their stand instead of using laymen’s terms in order for the greater public to understand.

She stated, “May mga mata kami kahit wala kaming geology or engineering degree, naghihirap ang mga komunidad at first hand experience ang sinasabi ng iba dito. Wag masyadong mayabang.”

“With people like you, who needs foreigners to abuse the Philippines,” Chu ended.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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