Senator Antonio Trillanes’ name just keeps on feeding the headlines.

This time as prominent lawyer Atty. Ahmedy Paglinawan called out the senator for questioning President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and his wealth. Paglinawan asked the former military man, “What the f*ck?”

Intrepid lawyer to Trillanes: ‘What the f*ck?’
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Reacting to an article, Paglinawan lectured Trillanes on the rules of public discourse saying, “The person who says something controversial has the obligation of proving it.”

The article was indeed controversial as it reported that Trillanes expressed his doubts if the president is rich or not. Trillane insinuated that there are contradicting statements about Duterte’s wealth.

In a separate Facebook post, Trillanes accused Duterte of “flip-flopping” on his family’s wealth. It can be remembered that during the presidential campaign, Duterte said that his family was poor and that his childhood home was, in fact, demolished since it was located in a private property.

Paglinawan said, “What you are doing is saying something --worse, accusing someone-- and expecting that something to prove itself true or untrue.”

The lawyer then accused Trillanes of “demanding” justification fro Duterte’s camp despite his claims being a “wrongful act.”

“Trillanes, what the f*ck, man? Really,” Paglinawan ended.

Source: Atty. Ahmedy Paglinawan

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