“How to spot a fake Vice President.”

This was how Edwin Jamora opened his Facebook post to spew tirades against Vice President Leni Robredo who has been at the receiving end of criticisms from pro-Duterte supporters ever since she took office in July last year.

'How to spot a fake Vice President'
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Jamora offered three steps on how to determine if a Vice President is fake including steps about sources, research, trip choices, and expert consultation.

According to Jamora, sources must be checked referring to members of the LPS as “pigs.” He elaborated, “Not all people from Bicol Region are fake. Not all people from Naga City are fake. But 99.99% of the time, people coming the LPS (lips for short) are pigs. And pigs having a political party are fake.”

He followed his post with lines about the appearance change of Robredo before and after she assumed the vice presidency. The post said, “There are those who sport tsinelas and once shared as Vice President, they become [Louboutins].”

Jamora was referring to the low-key image projected by Robredo during last year’s campaign season.

Thirdly, Jamora pointed out Robredo’s choices especially after reports of her vacationing in New York City while a tropical cyclone was ravaging parts of Bicol and Naga, Robredo’s suppoed baluarte. He threw, “Fake Vice Presidents learn this quote typically when they fly to fabulous cities…”

The Facebook post ended with complains about the vice president’s recent comments circulated in the media. He suggested expert consultations. By experts meaning bloggers including Sass Sasot, Mocha Uson, and Krizette Chu.

Source: Edwin Jamora

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