In an lengthy Facebook status, staunch Duterte supporter RG San Luis accused the “Yellow and the Red” of plotting to bring down the administration of the tough talking President Rodrigo Duterte.

Fearless DLSU alumnus: ‘Yellows and Reds want government to fail’

 Titling it “Degrees of Separation,” San Luis cited reasons for this plot especially issues that have received and continuously receiving wide media attention. He said that these events have led ot his conclusion of the commencement of the “attacks to discredit” Duterte.

Occupying high position in the list the evidence presented by Senator Panfilo Lacson showing how rogue cops planted shabu in a call center raid in Binondo. This follows the flak that the Philippine National Police received after the murder of a Korean inside Camp Crame.

San Luis also mentioned how Sen. Dick Gordon considered the report presented by Amnesty International revealing that policemen in the country receive monetary exchanges for every drug addict gunned down in the drug war as a mere “hearsay.”

Ultimately, San Luis expounded on the decision of President Duterte to discontinue the ceasefire between the government and the New People’s Army. He explained, “Duterte announced that the ceasefire would be lifted by 12 midnight. He issued the directive to AFP Chief of Staff Eduardo Ano. Ano promised to go after the rebels for the death of soldiers who died in ambushes conducted by the NPA in the same week.”

Quoting the post, “The Reds have also turned against the President in the drug war on the issue of alleged extra-judicial killings.”

He ended his piece by speculating that an alliance between Duterte, the Marcos family, and the side of former president Gloria Arroyo has been triggered by the moves made by the Aquino party.

As reminder, San Luis ended, “The people are more inclined to accept Duterte, Marcos and Macapagal, warts and all in exchange for a government that works than be under a government which is inefficient and unproductive, where corruption runsrampant and peace and order is only a figment of the people's imagination.

Source: RG San Luis

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Fearless DLSU alumnus: ‘Yellows and Reds want government to fail’ Fearless DLSU alumnus: ‘Yellows and Reds want government to fail’ Reviewed by Kristian S. on 06 February Rating: 5

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