Following the flak towards Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald Dela Rosa’s decision to punish rogue police officers by doing push ups, former Department of Interior and Local Government secretary Rafael Alunan III suggested means to iron out the operation of the PNP and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Ex-DILG Secretary proposes means to iron out PNP and AFP
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In a Facebook post, Alunan claimed that police department needs “a serious makeover” in order for them to regain then public’s confidence. He furthered it can only happen if the PNP can “cleanse its ranks of criminals and non-performers.

On the other hand, the AFP needs retooling so that it can compete with “twenty-first century standards.” This will make the “enemy think many times over if it really wants to harm the country.”

Alunan pointed out the need for officers who have “ proper mindsets, skill sets and tool kits to ably uphold national honor, defend our national territory, and protect our exclusive resources.”

He continued, “There may be situations and missions where the AFP, PNP and/or other uniformed services may have to collaborate or back one another to shield or rescue the nation from natural disasters, organized insurgency, rebellion, terrorism or syndicated crime.”

Alunan ended his post with a reminder that this move requires the coordination of all three branches of government for good governance. He stated, “The national leadership must be united in purpose first and foremost, otherwise, nothing will work well, or at all.”

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