Calling February 25 “Support Digong Day,” former Department and Interior and Local Government secretary Rafael Alunan III commended President Rodrigo Duterte describing him to be “not perfect” but “he listens and makes effort to correct them.”

The day saw protests of solidarity for the president not only in the country but also in other parts of the world. Alunan rooted this expression of “solidarity” to social media.

Ex-DILG sec: ‘Digong is not perfect but he listens’
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According to him, the solidarity rallies are the counterattacks of Duterte supporters to the ouster plots against him. He said, "Yes there is one [ouster plot]; it was rolled out months ago in mass media and through high profile personalities in government and society.”

Alunan, however, described the anti-Duterte efforts as a “rocking chair” as the public and the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police remain “unconvinced.”

He described the “rocking chair” move to be “frenziedly going back and forth but never really moving forward.”

"What's important is what's in the people's and soldiers' hearts and minds. If it's with Digong, no amount of huffing and puffing, hysterics and histrionics by the opposition will work to their advantage,” Alunan stated.

Alunan assumed that the current state of the Duterte administration is fool-proof in the eyes of the public as Duterte “has been quite transparent and doing exactly when he says he’ll do” for the past eight months since he took over the presidency.

Towards the end, Alunan advised, "Focus on the principle instead of the person. Focus on the mistake and on how to correct it. We'll walk longer and further in our journey toward a better Philippines for all Filipinos."

Source: Rafael Alunan III

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