Quoting Vice President Leni Robredo’s speech during the 2017 Asia Women’s Summit, zoologist and UERMMMC graduate Dr. Ethel Pineda gave her take on the Vice President.

Doctor hits Robredo: 'Pinocchia isdatyu?'

Robredo, talking about women empowerment in her speech, said, “There is a time to lead and a time to follow, there is a time to speak and to listen, there is a time to agree and to disagree.”

To which Pineda expressed her dismay saying that the speech sounded like a piece for a grade school competition during Women’s Week. Pineda commented, “May medal yan.”

While Pineda believes that there indeed is a time to lead and a time to follow, she jibed that VP Leni is better off a follower “like a good citizen.” Pineda even asked the vice president to “follow the constitution.”

Pineda also speculated that the former congresswoman may never even lead.

Towards the end, Pineda encouraged Leni to “speak the truth” in order for the public to truly listen to her. She also threw shade at social news network Rappler which has recently been drawing flak from netizen for its alleged biased reportage.

Over the last couple of days, photos of VP Leni during a yoga session in front of the vice presidential seal circulated the web. Reacting to the photo, Pineda ended, “Nakakawala ng peace yan. Nakaka off center. Parang hindi Namaste. Kundi Napeste.”

Read full text statement of Dr. Ethel Pineda:

Ang ganda naman ng declamation piece ni Aling Le-knee. Kung sa grade school yan na Linggo ng Kababaihan, may medal yan.

Pero bakit ang hirap paniwalaan na taos-puso ang pagsabi nito? Tinitingnan ko yung ilong na nilabasan. Hmn. Tila humahava. Pinocchia isdatyu?

I agree. There is a time to lead, and a time to follow. Sorry, it's not time for you to lead. Maybe neverrrr. So follow ka na lang. Like a good citizen. Follow the constitution. There is a duly elected president. Bawal mang-agaw. 

Huwag manira. Bad yan. Uh-uh.

There is also a time to speak and listen. Speak the truth, we will listen. Spew half truths, " not necessarily true but just has to look like it", aba, talk to the hand. Bumili ka ng kausap. Pabili ka kay Tita Loida. Diyan kayo magaling. Pa interview ka sa Rappler. Kung nandyan pa sila. Otherwise, tumahimik ka. Mag-yoga. Say ohhhhhhm. 

Pero please wag sa tapat ng vice presidential seal. Nakakawala ng peace yan. Nakaka off center. Parang hindi Namaste. Kundi Napeste.

Source: Dr. Ethel Pineda

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