by Cynthia Patag

I am saddened by the posts maligning Jim Paredes caused by the video showing him trying to engage the Duterte supporters in a debate.

It's easy to call him the bully here bec he's the older & more popular personality. I watched it twice and I didn't hear a single curse. 

What I saw was an older Pinoy who lived through the dark ages of Martial Law desperately trying to enlighten the younger generation about the inconsistency of their stand. He was desperately trying to engage them in a debate.

I stand by Jim's side on this because I know the man's circumstances. I know him as a good family man, a Filipino who has not only contributed to the country's culture but also to its history of fighting for freedom. He and wife Lydia raised their three children well.

A lot of people dismiss him as elitistang Atenista but only a few know that he didn't belong to a rich family. He was raised a frugal Ilocano. He and his 9 siblings were able to study in good private schools bec of his father's sterling reputation. 

The late Jesus Paredes, then adviser & speech writer of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay, was killed in that tragic plane crash w/ the president.

Even the Wikipedia entry on Jim was maliciously altered probably by those who are against his political stand.

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Cynthia defends Jim: I stand by Jim's side, I know him as a good man Cynthia defends Jim: I stand by Jim's side, I know him as a good man Reviewed by Kristian S. on 27 February Rating: 5

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