According to a report published by the Daily Mail UK, seven percent (7%) of Catholic priests have been accused of pedophilia based on data dating from 1950-2010.

Data in 2012 shows there were 1,228,612,000 Catholics in the world and 393,053 priests.

Church data: Over 30,000 Catholic priests are alleged pedophiles
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The ages of the children victimized by such abuses ranged from 10 years old for girls and 11 years old for boys.

The report was taken from the Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse as it proceeds into it final hearing in Sydney, Australia.

Included in those found guilty of child sexual abuses cases are from several religious orders such as Marist Brothers and Christian Brothers.

Counsel Assitant to the royal commission Gail Furness revealed that 60% of survivors experienced incidents of sexual abuses in faith-based institutions. These survivors have been attending hearing conducted by the royal commission.

Furness also divulged that a survey shoes nearly 4500 incidents of child abuse involving men of the clergy occurred between January 1980 and February 2015.

Moreover, these cases, as Funess described them, were "depressingly similar" and that the reports were held in secrets or were covered up.

"Children were ignored or worse, punished," The Daily Mail reported.

The haring session in Sydney will spand three weeks and one day and will include panel discussion on the church's structure, priest selection, canonization of saints, and the process of the sacrament of confession.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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