In an interview with Entrepreneur Philippines, Luis “Chavit” Singson, the chairman of the LCS Group, the main sponsor of the 2016 Miss Universe Pageant, revealed that he racks up around P120 million pesos every month.

His earnings, according to him, come from his many companies and businesses that earn millions, which span transportation, construction, real estate, and lending, among others.

Chavit Singson: ‘I earn around P120M a month’
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In the transportation field, Singson has reprortedly gained around a billion pesos for the previous year.

“Mr. Universe” disclosed that of his “over a hundred” business, there are a few which are not under his name.

Entrepreneur Philippines provided an infographic, albeit incomplete, of the business ventures that Singson has under his belt. Included in the list are Blemp Commercial of the Philippines, Inc., Partas Transportation, and Clark Luis Retail.

Singson also ventured in airlines that route international and domestic flights, an internation bank in Puerto Rico called Vigan Banco International with branches in California and Mexico.

The long-time governor of Ilocos also plans to open local branches of GO Sport, a sporting goods chain from Europe, through his Clark Luis Retail company.

Aside from his businesses, there is also his Baluarte, an interactive wildlife zoon spanning 80-hectares which has become a tourist destination in Ilocus Sur. Baluarte houses several tigers, impalas, camels, and ostriches.

For hosting the Miss Universe pageant in the country, Singson reportedy spent over P299 million to secure the rights and an additional P299 million for production expenses including accommodation, meals, and other expenses for the contestants and the production staff.

According to Singson, hosting the pageant would help the country’s tourism.

When asked if he gains from hosting the pageant, Singson said that his staff told him that there are only two possible outcomes: they lose a little, or they gain a little.

With that assurance, Singson gave the go signal for the country hosting the Miss Universe pageant for the third time.

Source: Entrepreneur PH

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