In an ironic turn of events, an article from 2006 revealed that staunch Duterte critic Jim Paredes seemed at ease with the possibility of "lining up crooks against a wall and shooting them."

An article published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism showed that Paredes, when asked about the aforementioned possibility, commented, "Oh, that would be nice, too. You know what, I wouldn't cry over it if it happens."

LOOK: Article from 2006 shows Jim Paredes considers EJK to be "nice"
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The said article chronicled how in 1989, Paredes surrendered his green card in the Unites States embassy saying that he will "not allow military to take over" the country. Writer Chit Estella penned that it was the "year of the bloodiest coup attempt against the Aquino government."

“Put*ngina n’yo, you’re not gonna steal Edsa from anybody, not from me,” Paredes remarked about military protesters.

The article furthered that in 2006, Paredes believed that the Philippines needed a "strong leader" because the kind of democracy in play then "cannot deliver."

"You could put a strong leader there, who bends the rules a little bit. I think you could take that as long as the outcome is good," quoted the article.

He likened his ideal leader to Singapore's Lee Kwan Yoo who can "kick ass" and can "walk the talk."

"The future government, Paredes suggests, should be willing to do one thing that the post-Edsa government was not willing to do: 'knock down some people.'"

At present, Paredes remains on the opposing side of the government led by President Rodrigo Duterte whose war on drugs faces allegations of extrajudicial killings. The said drug war has already accumulated at least 7000 deaths since Duterte took over the presidency in June 2016.

Paredes has been making headlines lately for getting embroiled in issues of bullying when he berated youth supporters of the President.

Source: PCIJ

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