"Your interpretation of the words in the Bible merit you a slap--or a punch--in the face."

These were the searing words found in an open letter, posted on Facebook, addressed to first-time Senator Manny Pacquiao.

An Open Letter to Sen. Pacquiao: 'You deserve a slap in the face'
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The letter, written by clothing expert Niklaus de los Reyes, criticized the boxer-turned-politician for his opposition of the Anti-Discrimination Bill by referencing verses of the Bible.

According to de los Reyes, in biblical Israel, men and women wore clothes of similar characteristics including jtunics, coats, cloaks, and other head coverings. "The specifics of gender identification through clothing is a complex mix...," de los Reyes exclaimed.

It can be remembered that on Monday, February 13, Pacquiao spoke against a legislative proposal banning discrimination on the basis of a person's gender identity. This includes a person's clothing.

He expressed, "Even in the Bible...ang babae magsuot ng pambabae. Ang lalaki, magsuot ng panlalaki."

De los Reyes hit the senator on his beliefs saying that he is mum on his wife's plastic surgery despite the Bible prohibiting tattoos and body modifications.

He also said that there are more men and women who deserve the senatorial seat than Pacquiao who, according to de los Reyes, "redefined" being a senator in a "disastrous" way.

De los Reyes quipped at the senator from General Santos City and indirectly called him a "joke." He said that he [Pacquiao] proves that people don't always laugh at the joke but rather the one telling it.

ADB author Bataan Rep. Geraldine Roman, meanwhile, commented on Pacquiao's argument and said that it is not the Bible which serves as the basis of the laws but the Constitution where the "tenets of equality are enshrined."

Source: Niklaus de los Reyes

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