In a response to the op-ed article penned by former Colombian president Cesar Gaviria, Ateneo de Manila University faculty member Ma. Lourdes Tiquia slammed the former leader for comparing the two countries.

The said article, “Manila is not Bogotá, Mr. Gaviria,” pointed out how Gaviria’s assessment of the drug war in the Philippines does not stand because of difference in contexts. Opening the article, Tiquia wrote, “Context and perspective are very important in analyzing a policy, program, plan and activities.”

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In the article, Tiquia countered the points raised by Gaviria ranging from amassing police and military forces to curb drugs, killing “petty criminals and addicts” will not win the war, and the constancy of drugs in countries.

Tiquia also questioned the function of the Global Commission of Drug Policy which Gaviria boasted in his article citing that he is a founding member of the anti-drug body himself.

“That’s six years ago and what has your Global Commission done? What are the learnings? What honest conversation?,” questioned Tiquia.

She also reiterated on the success of the drug elimination in Colombia given that the South American country received aid from the Unites States in its battle against drugs.

The political management expert went on to defend Preside Rodrigo Duterte saying that there is a “universal health care program” for those involved in the drug war and that Duterte has questioned his officers over at the Anti-Money Laundering Council for their “inability to do a money trail analysis of individuals linked to the drug trade.”

Vice President Leni Robredo was also dragged in Tiquia’s write up hitting that the vice president is mistaken for siding with Gaviria’s stand. “Yes, Vice President Robredo, [Colombia] received from the United States under Plan Colombia $9.3 billion for the past 14 years.”

She then went on to ask is Colombia will give the same aid to the Philippines.

“Before PRRD, shabu was dirt cheap and was being smoked openly by shared hits. Rugby? You can buy by spread and that will last you 24 hours. They hit the poor, yes, the laylayan. And we are not Colombia!”

Tiquia ended her article with these searing words: “You don’t want to help? Then you don’t care about this nation. Simply put.”

Source: The Manila Times

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ADMU prof berates Gaviria and Leni: ‘You don’t care about this country.’ ADMU prof berates Gaviria and Leni: ‘You don’t care about this country.’ Reviewed by Kristian S. on 14 February Rating: 5

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