In a Facebook post dated January 27, journalist Jojo Robles called out supporters of former President Noynoy Aquino for their “mantra of diversion” calling them “yellow scums.”

According to Robles, this comes after claims that Aquino already doled out “millions” to the families of the SAF 44 who were killed in a siege in with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Mamasampano, Maguindanao two years ago.

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Robles expressed that in fact, the diversion scheme does not exist for “everyone in government...seems to be reacting to the new developments and a Senate hearing on the matter is going on unimpeded.”

He went on to accuse “yellow propagandists” to be the ones practicing the diversion which, Robles explains, would mean that the government and the public are mum on the issue of the slain Korean inside Camp Crame and would instead only “unjustly crucify” Aquino for the Mamasampano debacle.

The veteran journalist also downplayed the media for stonewalling content and putting out “diversionary news” when the Mamasampano clash creates noise.

Also cited in Robles’ post is the fact that the today’s news include President Duterte apologizing to the Korean public, justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre dragging narco-general Garbo to the case, and other developments about the slain Korean inside Camp Crame.

Robles spewed more tirades against Aquino supporters. “That is diversion? Only if you're stupid. Or Yellow. Or both.”

He claimed that these allegations are part of a plan to “deemphasize the new travails of their idol, Retardo of Times Street.” Robles later stated that Aquino owed the bereaved families the lives of the 44 SAF officers.

“It's just so like the Yellows to think that this is all about money, and having given it, to think that all is now hunky-dory. And that it is now okay to call you an ungrateful servant for saying it's not enough and that you want more, like the Medal of Valor that Retardo inexplicably withheld. It's not even their money, or their medals, to give!”

Robles ended his denunciation by damning all “Yellows to hell” and saying that Aquino “deserves to be hanged” for Mamasampano.

Source: Jojo A. Robles

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“YELLOW SCUM”: Veteran journo slams Aquino supporters for “diversion” claim “YELLOW SCUM”: Veteran journo slams Aquino supporters for “diversion” claim Reviewed by Kristian S. on 28 January Rating: 5

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