Calling the “colored sick tards,” actress Vivian Velez slammed anti-Duterte Facebook accounts for trying to report and take down Facebook pages that support President Rodrigo Duterte.

Vivian Velez spews tirades on “colored sick tards"
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In a Facebook status update, the 48-year-old actress said that a vitriolic, politically-charged clash on social media” has yet again begun because of these attacks on pro-Duterte accounts.

She explained that these pro-Duterte account are in fact trying to help the public by uncovering the achievements of the Presdient while “unmasking the destabilization plots and corruptions” of the Aquino administration and its allies.

The post went on to criticize the media—Velez saying she does not trust them—because of their being manipulated by past administrations for propaganda at the expense of the truth that “ends up corrupted.”

Velez attached screenshots to her post of pages names “Resbak Operative and “Pepeng Makabayan” and called for her “fellow public defenders” to report such pages for their “harassment.”

She ended her post by encouraging others to “meet this challenge head on.”

Source: Vivian Velez

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Vivian Velez spews tirades on “yellow colored sick tards" Vivian Velez spews tirades on “yellow colored sick tards" Reviewed by Kristian S. on 31 January Rating: 5

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