Radio journalist ED Dan Verzola in his Facebook account advised Philippine National Police Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa not to quit amidst several criticisms but to be tougher instead.

Composite photos from Facebook and Inquirer
"Be tough, tougher, toughest PNP CHIEF RONALD "BATO" DELA ROSA. You have to prove that four star in your shoulder is yours," Verzola said.

Sevral personalities have urged Dela Rosa to resign after  Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo was kidnapped and killed by a group of policemen in Camp Crame.

Verzola defended teh PNP Chief and claimed that the corrupt policemen have long been within Crame and grew more than hardened criminals with uniforms and guns.

These policmen he said are not alone, with higher patrons in the police as well as corrupt politicians.

"If I may, inform President Rodrigo Roa Duterte THAT YOU ARE TEMPORARILY NOT JOINING IN HIS SORTIES just to see you are really the PNP commander ready to clean your ranks. Otherwise, you know what to do!" he said.

Verzola said Dela Rosa shoould order his Human Resource officer to start conducting personnel audit on active policemen and remove those involved in crime.

"REMOVE THEM and if possible, investigate them again, do audit their personal richness. I cannot imagine a Police Officer (PO) who just start over couple of years driving SUVs and costly vehicles," he said.

According to Verzola, the PNP chief could also check with the Bureau of Immigration to have a look on the travels and lifestyles of those under him.

"It is your prerogative to do such and sure you can fall from your chair that many among your police force are living over their means," he said.

"STAY and start fighting the police criminals, NOW!!!" he added.

SOURCE: ED Dan Verzola

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Veteran radio host to Bato: Don't resign, STAY and start fighting the police criminals, NOW! Veteran radio host to Bato: Don't resign, STAY and start fighting the police criminals, NOW! Reviewed by Unknown on 21 January Rating: 5

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