It is not President Rodrigo Duterte and Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa that should blamed for the corrupt and narco-run Police, but former President Benigno Aquino III and Former Interior and Local Government, Secretary Mar Roxas. This is according to Mark Lopez, a citizen of Caloocan City.

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"The PNP of today bears the imprint of Aquino-Roxas, and there is really conclusive proof of how they are complicit and how they tolerate miscreants with badges," he said.

Lopez said that people will can't see that it was the incompetence of both Roxas and Aquino that led to a ineptness and rogue perception of the police force.

He said it might be because the two leaders are "complete idiots" when it comes to police matters and they are with the corrupt who have perpetuated the scalawag image of the country's supposed protectors.

"Now I would bet my entire fortune that it is the latter. That Aquino and Roxas are the two biggest reason why we have this criminal-infested Philippine National Police. That these two, the ex-president and the ex-DILG head, are the ones who fostered a culture of impunity and crime within the police ranks, and these two are the biggest protectors of the scalawags in uniform," he said.

According to Robles, the two almost turned the entire country into a narco-state.

"And it is why there are still elements within the force who would go out of their way to embarrass and destabilize the current administration and PNP leadership, to the point that they would not hesitate to order their gofers to kill a foreigner right inside Camp Crame," he said.

The netizen said that the case of Mamasapano is one proof of his claim.

He said Aquino and Roxas then collaborated with Alan Purisima and Marcelo Garbo whom he deemed "scoundrels", making infamous the image of the police in the last six years.

"With that in mind, it behoves President Duterte and PNP Chief Ronaldo Dela Rosa to fast track their reform program in the PNP and they should immediately expose all those who are desisting or derailing their plan of action," he said.

 scalawags are playing a deadly game and will lose.

"They want to reduce the rock that is Bato with paper (illegal drugs) and scissors (KFR, murder sprees), and they have no qualms about it, nor do they care and will hurt every one who gets in their way," Lopez said.

The netizen said this is why Filipinos are still not confident with their law enforcers.

"6 years of what is supposedly Daang Matuwid and what do we really have? 6 years to do things right and to improve significantly, only to realize that we have been duped and that we are constantly being used and abused," he said.

"But now we know better. And we have shown it thru the ballot," he added.

Lopez said that the Philippines now has a real leadership, with Duterte and Dela Rosa.

SOURCE: Mark Lopez

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