Ben Bañares on his Facebook page lashed out on militant women's movement group GABRIELA for their protest against the country hosting Miss Universe.

Composite photos from Banares' Facebook and Coconut media
The group said that the country’s hosting of the international pageant is a “manipulative and deceptive tool that projects an image of peace and stability to cover up the creeping influence of fascist repression of poor women's rising protests.”

The group said it is also unfair since the country is having problemss with extrajudicial killings.

Bañares reacted to the statement by saying that the group is over reacting.

"Kung susundin natin ang TANGA ninyong lohika, eh di wala nang gagawing concerts dito. Huwag na rin tayong manood ng sine o TV dahil baka sabihin ng iba ay hindi tayo namomroblema." he said.

"Huwag na rin tayo pumunta sa mga perya o mag-malling dahil baka ma-guilty pa tayo dahil nagsasaya tayo. Huwag na rin tayong tumawa o mag-post ng mga jokes dahil baka DECEPTIVE din ito." he added.

He asked whether GABRIELA simply wanted the people to stay insie their homes and avoid all forms of entertainment.

"Ano ba ang gusto n’yong mangyari? Magmukmok na lang tayong lahat sa bahay? Wala nang tatawa? Bawal na ang magsaya dahil baka isipin ng buong mundo eh manhid tayo sa mga societal problems?" he said.

SOURCE: Ben Bañares 

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