A group of Taiwanese animators came up with a video that mocks President Rodrigo Duterte.

"Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had a nickname Duterte Harry when he was still mayor, not because he was tough but because he was dirty." it said.

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It said that Duterte was going on an international "butt-kissing tour" starting with China, accompanying the statement of his animated character actually kissing the butt of Chinese President Xi Jinping and a panda.

The video said that Duterte thinks using foul words would make the world take him seriously, and it called him a "buffoon" depicting him as a spoiled kid who cried when he couldn't get what he wants.

The script insisted that China and Russia, whom Duterte went to after separating from the United States, will only play him a fool.

"Not only is he incredibly thin-skinned, but his latest threats to ditch the US in favor of China shows his astonishing naivety," it said.

"If Duterte really thinks China will play nice just because he puts on some lipstick,he's sadly mistaken," it added.

It also critized Duterte's interest to ban smoking, asking if he would have smokers extrajudicially killed as well.

The animation depicted Duterte as a small person besides big personalities like China and Russia who step on him and is playing with him, as he cries every now and then.

In the video, Duterte is depicted as a child throwing tantrums, as someone who performs sexual activities with a panda which represents China. The panda, along with a bear which represents Russia, drags him along and makes a fool out of him.

Watch video below:

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