Doctor Lorraine Marie T. Badoy in her Facebook page said that Vice President Leni Robredo should be given the job of Ambasadress of Badwill since she is doing nothing for the benefit of her country and is ruining it's image for the world to see.

"In the end, eto pala ang bagong trabaho ni Leni Robredo: Ambassadress of Badwill. Sariling bansa sisiraan sa mundo. At sariling bansa pababagsakin," she said.

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Robredo has been linked to an alleged ouster plot against President Rodrigo Duterte.

The President himself has expressed disappointments towards his VP, even making her resign from his own Cabinet.

Robredo has also been glinked to the recent LeniLeaks where philantrophist and Liberal Party financier Loida Nicolas-Lewis, among several prominent personalities and staff from the Vice President's office have been revealed to be sending emails to one another in a Yahoo Group.

Robredo has also been uninvited to the President's Vin D'Honneur, a motion she has expressed resentment towards.

Badoy, dismayed by the events, said "Finally, nakahanap din ng area of competence nya. Good job, Madam VP slash Ambassadress of Badwill!"

SOURCE: Lorraine Marie Badoy

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Robredo's job should be "Ambassadress of Badwill", says doctor and human rights advocate Robredo's job should be "Ambassadress of Badwill", says doctor and human rights advocate Reviewed by Unknown on 14 January Rating: 5

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