Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is teaming up with Senator Paolo Benigno "Bam" Aquino to control social media, the information spread as well as what the people say in it.

According to news site Mindanation, Ressa is trying to take back her "control" of information spread as has gone as far as teaming up with the government.

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It can be noted that after the birth of several alternative news sources on the internet, the following of Rappler has significantly declined.

Aquino, has allegedly urged the Department of Education to combat misinformation on social media.

“Maybe we can work on something that can match that level of speed, exponential growth and energy that we see online… This is something we can explore further and I’m confident that everyone will be willing to volunteer,” Aquino, who chairs the Senate committee on education, said.

After Aquino's statement Ressa and and Carlo Ople of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines expressed their willingness to help.

The Mindanation article quoted Ressa as saying that she wanted to take back social media.

"As if the internet and social media belong to her and her ilk."

"She has been on a campaign to cleanse the internet of “paid trolls, fallacious reasoning, and leaps in logic,” making the equally fallacious assertion that Rappler’s falling numbers is somehow being caused by the Duterte administration," the article read.

Ressa has accused President Rodrigo Duterte of hiring paid trolls to spread their propaganda on the internet, a proof remains unpresented.

" In fact, we at MindaNation can attest to the fact that every pro-Duterte person, page, website, and Twitter account we know is not paid to push any agenda," the article said.

"Mainstream media have been suffering drops in readership and online following due to the surging popularity of alternative online news and opinion outlets. This has evidently led them to label such alternative sites as fake "

Mindanation said that Ressa and Aquino's agenda is clear.

"While Aquino and Ressa are talking “media literacy,” they actually mean to take down free speech and take out any form of dissent in the internet and social media. They want an internet and social media that conform to the agenda of the oligarchy," it read.

SOURCE: Mindanation

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