Radio announcer ED Dan Verzola said that ugly traditional money and power-thirsty politicians are now desperate to remove President Rodrigo Duterte so they could go on with their business.

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Verzola said that the best business in the country is politics, but now Duterte has become a threat.

He said on his Facebook page that 90% of the country's politicians choose to be with the majority simply because they need more power, and that once they obtain the positions, they become easy targets of the political syndicate.

He said if these politicians learn the trade of ugly traditional politicians, they obtain money and power.

He said all these is threatened by the arrival of Duterte who promised to rid society of all garbage.

"But lo and behold, the traditional politicians are too afraid very soon soon their time will be attended to. Their crimes against people and nation. Graft, corruption, destruction of people and our natural resources and more. They will be convicted 100%," he said.

"With this fear against CHANGE, they are moving earth and wind, with to create fire. OUST the peoples' leader to stop him and his socio-political cleansing. They are roaming the globe to create a negative scenario both against President RODY and his fight against illegal drugs, its user, peddlers, pusher up to the drug lords," he added.

He said there are even rumors  that these politicians hired killers to kill their opponents and blame it on the President.

He said that the #LeniLeaks now prove that there is a conspiracy to pinpoint the killings on Duterte among mediamen.

He said this didn't affect public opinion which still remains pro Duterte.

"Anyone going against the will of the people are pseudo social maniacs. They want to stay forever in power. Can they?" he said.

SOURCE: ED Dan Verzola

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