Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles on Sunday answered all the opposing arguments against the importance of the recent leaking of emails among the prominent supporters of Vice Leni Robredo, and concluded that the conversations were of importance and urgency.

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The leaks showed exchanges between members of the “Global Filipino Diaspora Council” (GFDC) including billionaire philanthropist Loida Nicolas-Lewis and her sister, former Commission on Filipinos Overseas chairwoman Imelda “Mely” Nicolas, both Robredo supporters.

The lawyer first answered what she called a "fallacy" which is argument that the ouster does not exist since it wouldn't be feasible.

She said that like many attempts at an ouster in history, the fact that it may seem unwinnable, doesnt stop the participants. She said that public opinion does not affect the participant's will just like the Manila Hotel Siege during President Cory Aquino's term. She said what matters is the beief of those planning it.

She said that to the people claiming that there doesn't seem to be a crime committed by the participants, an investigation is necessary.

Cruz-Angeles said that if there is an information that a crime might be committed, it must be duly investigated, especially if national security is involved.

She said that the government has investigated many with less evidence, citing the case of Matobato who was an "unreliable witness". She also said that police investigations do not require a private complainant but could rely on public interest.

Cruz-Angeles also said that even if the incident was a hoax, it still requires investigation especially if it could possibly constitute a crime.

She said that if a public official is targeted by false news, he or she usually  refutes it with a statement but the silence from Robredo she said is "astoundingly particular" since her office could be a possible participant in an act of sedition.

"The point in all this is that the public discussions on #LeniLeaks is completely warranted and the issue of why it is being cavalierly dismissed, a reasonable point for discussion," she said.

"So "don't us" if we wonder why it isn't being reported or why the participants are silent. All of that is fair game," she added.

SOURCE: Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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