"They reeked of self-entitlement, intoxicated like brats who can simply rearrange our political lives, acting as if they have a right to move us like pawns and to decide for us like we are simply their wards."

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De La Salle University's Political Science professor Antonio Contreras in his column for the Manila Times criticized Filipino-American philantrophist and Liberal Party financier Loida Nicolas-Lewis along with her peers as intoxicated brats who feel like they are  political royalty and are therefore untouchable.  

Lewis along with other prominent personalities which called themselves Global Filipino Diaspora Council had their emails hacked and leaked. The emails allegedly spoke of an ouster plot against President Rodrigo Duterte and a plot to put Bongbong Marcos in a bad light in social media

The emails were discovered by Sass Sasot and was published by a blogger controlling the website Thinking Pinoy, both of which Contreras defended.

Sasot and the blogger were not given priority by the mainstream media, making the story lightly reported about in traditional media.

The involved defended themselves by saying that their emails were innocent, hence their group was public and not made secret. 

But the political analyst had a different viewpoint.

"On the contrary, I would see their nonchalant, dismissive behavior as a rather offensive exercise of arrogance. Simply, they felt so self-entitled and messianic, even referring to themselves as if they are God’s gift to our political redemption from the twin evil of Duterte and Marcos. They are used to being privileged influential voices who helped in ousting and jailing Presidents, impeaching a Supreme Court Chief Justice and neutering a front-running presidential candidate, that they thought they can get away with anything," he said.

"They are so full of themselves that they thought they would not need the exigency of securing their conversations. They felt like they are political royalty, and therefore untouchable. They thought they owned us and our politics," he added.

He said it was hubris for them to target people in social media and it was stupid to

 underestimate the power of the network of support that Duterte and Marcos had.

He criticized how LeniLeaks was not reported in traditional media.

"A plot to destabilize the presidency is newsworthy. Elite Filipinos in the diaspora, in cahoots with local remnants of the losing political side, plotting to undermine the President is as newsworthy as his cursing. A conversation revealing the Office of the Vice President as involved and supported by rich and influential expats to attack ordinary citizens is as newsworthy as the death of a dog or Mocha’s appointment to the MTRCB," he said.

SOURCE: Manila Times

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Pol analyst calls Nicolas-Lewis and group self-entitled brats who feel they're untouchable Pol analyst calls Nicolas-Lewis and group self-entitled brats who feel they're untouchable Reviewed by Unknown on 11 January Rating: 5

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