“So before you bash or pull her down, remember that you're bashing Philippines and not Maxine.”

This is what pageant enthusiast Julius Caesar Medes commented after the Philippines’ bet to recently help Miss Universe pageant received criticism on her facility of the English language.

Pageant expert: ‘You are bashing the Philippines, not Maxine’
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Medes said that this notion of thinking of English speakers to automatically be intelligent is from the “deep-rooted colonial mentality that we have in our country.” English is one of the more spoken languages in the country.

In a Facebook status, Medes went on to comment on the use “TagLish,” a combination of Tagalog (Filipino) and English in the day-to-day conversations of Filipinos. He even speculated that there are a lot of Filipinos who cannot weave a single sentence in Filipino.

He also lamented how Filipinos praise White people so much especially that we consider dark skinned people as unattractive. He asked, “Palagi na lang ba tayong nakatingala sa mga puti?”

He also lambasted how Pinoys treat foreigners who speak awkward Filipino as cute while if a Filipino commits errors when speaking English are labeled as dumb and shameful.

Comparing the Philippines to other Asian countries, Medes said, “Culture wise, talong talo tayo ng Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. These countries have strong culture and an undeniably love for their language.”

He added that there are first world countries who cannot speak perfect English but still become progressive because “ we don't have to speak English just to justify our intelligence and power.”

Medes ended his post by asking the public not to shame Medina and to learn and change “this colonial mentality.”

Medina made it to the Top 6 of the Miss Universe pageant on Monday while the crown went to Miss France.

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Pageant expert: ‘You are bashing the Philippines, not Maxine’ Pageant expert: ‘You are bashing the Philippines, not Maxine’ Reviewed by Kristian S. on 31 January Rating: 5

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