Open letter to CBCP, priests, bishops: Admit heinous crime of Church and humbly say: “MEA CULPA"
by Pedro Kiamco

Your Eminence(s) and Excellency(s):

It is said that “history repeats itself.” History has something to TEACH those who want to learn from the mistakes and tragedies of the past. The unwise who DO NOT KNOW their history are bound to repeat it. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH AN ENLIGHTENED MIND.

The spark that ignited the FIRST Philippine Revolution was the execution of Dr. Jose Rizal. The civil government found Rizal guilty of treason and sentenced him to EXILE. The Frailocracia, however, commuted it and sentenced Rizal with the DEATH PENALTY. The Filipino priests Gomez, Burgos, and Zamora were also sentenced with the DEATH PENALTY by strangulation by the Frailocracia.

Cardinal Sin and the CIA were in close coordination before, during and after the SECOND Revolution, EDSA I. It was decided that President Marcos should not die lest he be made a hero. It is better for the planners, the Frailocracia, that he be exiled to Hawaii. President Marcos had done so much GOOD for his country and his execution would just catapult him to even higher greatness.

Using the paid-for media like the ABS-CBN, the press and its own RADIO VERITAS the Frailocracia continuously waged a demolition and hate campaign against President Marcos for the last 30 years. Former Senator “Kit” Tatad revealed that Cory Aquino once told him: “Let the Filipino people suffer so they will hate Marcos.” Of course, Cory knew it was her relative who killed her husband, Ninoy. Cory did not hate Marcos that much. But she was USED by the Frailocracia to create the intense national hatred for Marcos.

President Marcos was a threat to the world-wide agenda of the Roman Catholic Church: the establishment of a universal Roman Catholic Empire. Marcos committed two big “mortal sins.” He defied the mighty USA in 1966 by telling them to remove their military bases in Subic and Clark. In 1983 he told the world that he would create the ANG BAGONG LIPUNAN currency with gold backup initially for use in the ASEAN countries. This was in defiance to the Federal Reserve Bank that was printing the US dollar FIAT MONEY – a “toilet paper” money because it had NO gold backup. Consequently, Marcos was removed.

The Frailocracia CHOSE Presidents Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Gloria Arroyo and Pnoy Aquino. The Frailocracia DID NOT CHOOSE Joseph Estrada and Rodrigo Duterte. Estrada did not finish his term. He was removed. DUTERTE SHOULD NOT FINISH HIS TERM. HE MUST BE REMOVED!!!

The Frailocracia is now intensifying up its fight against Duterte by using the issues of EJK and the burial of Marcos. It is also objecting the proposed DEATH PENALTY. The Roman Catholic Church through its Philippine Frailocracia does not have the MORAL ASCENDANCY or MANDATE to preach against these issues. How can it teach non-violence when that Church has blood on its hands? That Church shot Jose Rizal and strangled GOMBURZA. That Church tortured and burned 100 million non-conformists during the reign of the Roman Catholic Inquisition from 1233 up to the late 19th century.

The Roman Catholic Church operates with the CIA. They are very closely knit together as hand-in-glove. The CIA was founded in 1945 by Bill Donovan and Allen Dulles. Both were American Roman Catholics and members of the Church’s Secret Society known as the KNIGHTS OF MALTA. The head of the Knights of Malta in the USA from the 40’s to the 60’s was CARDINAL FRANCIS SPELLMAN.

Many of the Directors of the CIA were Roman Catholics and members of the KNIGHTS OF MALTA: John McCone (1963) was known as “Cardinal Spellman's soldier”; James Jesus Angleton was CIA Chief of Counterintelligence who manned the "VATICAN DESK" which is the direct line to the Vatican; William Casey was CIA Director from 1981 to 1987. He planned and coordinated the assassination of Ninoy Aquino and engineered the demolition of President Marcos.

Pope Boniface VIII in the first Papal Bull creating the DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY said: “BOTH SWORDS, the spiritual and the material, are in the power of the Church: one, to be wielded FOR the Church and the other BY the Church; one, by the hand of the priest and the other by the hand of the kings and knights, but at the will and sufferance of the priest. One sword, moreover, ought to be under the other, and the TEMPORAL authority to be subjected to the SPIRITUAL.”

The Vatican’s TWO SWORDS that took out President Marcos was CARDINAL SIN (the spiritual sword) and the CIA Roman Catholic Director, WILLIAM CASEY (the temporal sword).

In 2017 do we see history repeating itself? A THIRD revolution – a CIVIL WAR coming?

“Gentlemen of the Cloth”, stop inciting the Filipinos to fight each other. Admit the heinous crime of your Church and humbly say: “MEA CULPA, MEA CULPA, MEA MAXIMA CULPA!!!!!” You are not Italians. You are first and foremost Filipinos. MAGKAISA NA TAYO – without the Americans, Fil-Americans and Italians interfering in what the MAJORITY of Filipinos want: 

…….the END of lawlessness, corruption and shabu, and 
…….the BEGINNING of freedom, empowerment and self-determination!
Instead of hate, how about preaching LOVE? 
Instead of anger, how about preaching JOY?
Instead of conflict, how about preaching PEACE? 
Instead of resentment, how about preaching FORGIVENESS?
Instead of discord, how about preaching HARMONY?
Instead of division, how about preaching UNITY?

Sincerely yours,
Pedro Kiamco

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Open letter to CBCP, priests, bishops: Admit heinous crime of Church and humbly say: “MEA CULPA" Open letter to CBCP, priests, bishops: Admit heinous crime of Church and humbly say: “MEA CULPA" Reviewed by Kristian S. on 28 January Rating: 5

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