To All Maxine bashers:
by DeeDee Villegas

It is such a shame that you are bashing our representative; you are bashing the Philippines, indirectly.

I thought Filipinos are so good with FAMILY VALUES? Let me ask you, if you somehow did a minor error at school or in a competition. . .does your mother discourage you? NO. INSTEAD, our friends and family will tell us that "It's okay." or "We are still proud of you.". That is how it is supposed to be. Maxine is a FILIPINO. . .our family. How about we all appreciate the honor she gave us by giving them other candidates a good fight? This the time when Maxine needs the most support.

Open letter to all Maxine bashers: Such a shame that you are bashing our representative
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She did have an interpreter, and maybe her sentence construction was a challenge. . .but if you look at it at a different perspective, she answered in English BECAUSE SHE BELIEVED SHE CAN. Despite all the bashing, she GAVE IT HER BEST because, once again, she believes in herself. And believing in yourself is what makes you the BEAUTY QUEEN that you are.

Okay, it may be a given that her Q and A performance did not turn out well. . .but calling her "stupid", "embarrassment" or "a joke" is CERTAINLY NOT FAIR.

Maxine was not just doing it for herself. She was doing it for us. She wanted to make us all proud. IMAGINE how hurting it is to be doing something special for someone and what you get in return are laughs and negativity.

Maybe we should also put a bit of blame on ourselves. . .because instead of encouraging her and guiding her since the beginning, people chose to drag her down, instead.

We can take jokes, I can take jokes; I am even a comedian, myself . . .we know what a good laugh is but we should also know when we are going below the belt.

She lost the crown. . .but never the fight. And she lost that crown even before the pageant started. . .she lost the crown at that very second when bashers fed her with negativity.


If you wanted to answer her question so bad, THEN I DARE YOU TO SCREEN FOR BINIBINING PILIPINAS, win the title and proceed with Miss Universe. Let us see how far you'll go. I bet you would not even make it to the first cut with that bad attitude.

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Open letter to all Maxine bashers: Where are your FAMILY VALUES? Such a shame! Open letter to all Maxine bashers: Where are your FAMILY VALUES? Such a shame! Reviewed by Kristian S. on 30 January Rating: 5

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