Edwin Jamora an overseas Filipino worker said that the media is being "wrong again" by framing the news to present portions of the whole story, citing the recent statement of Duterte on martial law.

Composite photos from Jamora's Facebook and Newsweek
"Yes, the media is wrong again. You see, the strategy by the media is to slice and just pick that portion of what Duterte said. Here's an example - and this time, Andanar is correct being the Secretary of the Department of Clarifications," he said.

Jamora, who made the statement through his Facebook account said the media cuts out the rest of the statements.

"Sa media kasi, mas kagimbal gimbal yong pag sinabing "no one can stop me from declaring martial law." tapos yan lang ang statement," he said.

"What President Duterte said in verbatim: "“If I wanted to, and it will deteriorate into something really very virulent, I will declare martial law,” he said in Davao City. “No one can stop me,” he said, referring to the Supreme Court and Congress. “My country transcends everything else, even the limitations," he added.

He attached links to the reports from CNN Philippines, Philippine Daily Inquirer and other headlines framing the statement as an intent from the President to declare martial law.

"As always, Anti-Duterte can expound it as it fits their objectives, the reality is that President Duterte has said it many times, Marcos Martial Law did not bring any progress to the Philippines," he said.

SOURCE: Edwin Jamora

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