Human Rights lawyer and Far Eastern University Professor Jesus Falcis on Wednesday called Mocha Uson a troll, a liar and a coward.

Composite photos from Falcis' and Uson's Facebook
Calling the sexy-star-turned-MTRCB board member a paid troll, he cited  a Quartz article saying Ann Choy a research assistant at the University of Hongkong's Cyber News Verification lab who said that most of the stories in Uson's blog post are from content-farming websites that poach stories from other sites and re-publish them with a sensationalized title.

"These websites have no distinguishable owner, use default templates from blog hosting websites, are sometimes in support of an agenda, and simply link to each other instead of verifiable sources," he said, quoting an article from digital news outlet, Quartz. 

Uson's blog which supports President Rodrigo Duterte has a following of four million.

He also called Uson  "sinungaling" or a liar, citing an incident where she criticized Vice President Leni Robredo for allegedly posing for six magazine covers, where only two of which were published.

Deeming the sexy star "Duwag", he said that she refused to participate in interviews from Quartz, with her manager, Bryon Cristobal saying that she always too busy. 

The blogger from Thinking Pinoy, he said, also refused the interview and later on blocked the outlet.

Read full post of Atty. Jesus Falcis:

Human rights lawyer: Mochang bayaran, sinungaling at duwag

SOURCE: Jesus Falcis

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