The Manila Times in their editorial on January 5th stated that all Filipinos must fight all moves to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

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The Times said that Duterte has been a "good president" so far, claiming that the economy for the first six months pperformed very well and is expected to soar. It also claimed taht Duterte's people have been doing the right thing in their policies to eradicate poverty.

"Only those who are not thinking right will want to see him out of MalacaƱang'" it read

The article sait that every Filipino can sway him into moderating his impulsiveness, including in dealing with foreign nations.

The paper listed down the achievements of the president in crime, dealing with the police, the regulation of casinos and gambling and the war against drugs.

"Before 2016 ended, the Philippine National Police reported that total crime was down by 12.4 percent in the period of July to November compared with the same period in 2015. Index crimes dropped by almost one-third. Nearly all types of crimes against persons—except killings– and crimes against property fell by double-digits." the article read.

"These data show that before his six-year term is over, President Duterte shall have stopped criminality in our country.Thank God (even if DU30 loathes saying so)."

SOURCE: The Manila Times

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Manila Times asks people to help keep Duterte, "only those not thinking want him out" Manila Times asks people to help keep Duterte, "only those not thinking want him out" Reviewed by Unknown on 05 January Rating: 5

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