The website Thinking Pinoy published an article which questioned the silence of mainstream media regarding the recent issues about Vice President Leni Robredo.

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The article claimed that the  Liberal Party "must be hemorrhaging millions for that defeaning silence".

It questioned whether the media blitz is an attempt to divert public attention from Robredo's blunder.

"A day before Robredo flew to Manila, we were again witness to another anti-Duterte media blitz using the discredited witness Edgar Matobato, with CNN’s Will Ripley leading the pack, with Ripley even going as far as using the words “Killer with a conscience” to describe Matobato. Then followed the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Croatian Telegram, the Swedish Dagens Nyheter, the Philippine Canadian Inquirer, among others." it read.

The article said that if  the people want information, the mainstream media is the last place to look for it.

It pointed out the  lapses of Robredo, specifically her going missing from Bicol to attend a family reunion in the United Staes while typhoon Nina hit the area.

It criticized Leni's priorities saying that she should have stayed behind knowing that the typhoon will come a day before she flew.

The VP also made the excuse of not having availed of plane tickets and so she failed to come home earlier.

SOURCE: Thinking Pinoy

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