Vice President Leni Robredo's recent schemes in the media might be because of a drama-loving PR, according to blog site GRPundit which it claimed must be TV actress and host Kris Aquino.

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"Robredo’s style is very showbiz, very “The Buzz”: She makes up her own issue, then she goes around answering it. No matter how stupid it is." the article said.

The blog said Robredo's own office started the issue of her being uninvited by President Rodrigo Duterte to his first Vin D'Honneur and said that she didn't want to make a scene out of it, but went on and on about how bad she was treated.

The article stated that even Kris Aquino, sister of former President Noynoy Aquino took years to reach this level of "ka-cheapan".

"Rubbing elbows with the alta sociedad hasn’t taught Leni any social graces. When you’re not invited to a function (or if you’re disinvited), the worst thing you can do is talk about it. Talking about it only makes you look cheap and desperate," the article cited.

The blog also explained that it was the VP's ploy to get public sympathy.

"But just like that, this gimmick will boomerang on her again. It’s hard to feel sympathy for someone so plastic and irritating." the blog stated.


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'Leni's PR must be Kris Aquino because she makes her own issues', says blogger 'Leni's PR must be Kris Aquino because she makes her own issues', says blogger Reviewed by Unknown on 14 January Rating: 5

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