Vice President Leni Robredo on Friday said that she was saddened by the fact that Filipinos are more in fear of cops than they are of drug users, following the recent eruption of "Tokhang-for/ransom" cases.

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“Now many people are asking, ‘Who do you fear more: drug addicts or the police?’” she said 

As news of police scalawags scatter in mainstream media, Robredo says more and more people are questioning who they fear more.

“It sounds bad to the ear. It’s hard to swallow because we know that many fine members of the institution are being dragged down [by this perception]," she added.

The Vice President said that as the widow of Jesse Robredo who once supervised the police force, she was upset by the reputation of the Philippine National Police.

“I still think that the PNP has improved, to an extent, and many PNP members are still firm in their determination to help,” she said.

SOURCE: Inquirer

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