Vice President Leni Robredo's Christmas vacation to the United States has created a new story: She might be in bad health.

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An editorial from the website Politiko stated that it is the right of the Filipino people to know the real score on the rumors of Robredo's health problems, as she is a public official and has a chance of becoming the next President.

The article said that President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that he had health problems, and so shuld Robredo if the rumor were true.

"The Vice President is the direct successor of the president. If something should happen to the president, succession is immediate since the law abhors a vacuum, national security requires a head of state and a commander in chief. She must be in a position to take over at all times. Thus leaving the country is a matter for the public to inquire into because, what if she can’t or won’t come back?" it read.

The article also said that Leni's vacation is a matter of public interest, as the public is paying her.

It also said thet her health is also a matter of public interest as she is Duterte's successor.

"Gusto mong mag-take over, di ka pala pwede? Never mind if the incapacity may be temporary." it read.

"It therefore behooves the public to take exception to the statement issued by the VP’s supporters that looking for Leni is troll behavior or “hate.” It isn’t. The constitution demands transparency in all its officials. They cannot require it of the president and then gloss over it when the VP decides to take a vacation." it added.

SOURCE: Politiko

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