Vice President Leni Robredo on January 10 denied the allegations that she is involved with a team created to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

Leni denies involvement with #LeniLeaks, calls it "purely ridiculous"
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Emails from prominent personalities led by Liberal Party financier Loida Nicolas-Lewis were leaked in the internet and were showing exchanges that were allegedly showing a plot against the President.

Some of the e-mails came from the Vice President's office.

“I am not involved in those e-mail exchanges. These e-mails mentioned my name, which are not surprising because I am the Vice President and I have supporters who respond to attacks on me. I have been at the receiving end of fake news and falsehoods, and the e-mails were an apparent response,” Robredo said.

She said she never met Nicolas-Lewis personally or even had a phone conversation with him.

“Most of the things thrown at me are really purely ridiculous,” Robredo said in a separate speech.

"There is a lot of viciousness in the Internet, but I have a mandate to serve. I’d rather focus on my mandate,” Robredo added.

SOURCE: Manila Times 

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Leni denies involvement with #LeniLeaks, calls it "purely ridiculous" Leni denies involvement with #LeniLeaks, calls it "purely ridiculous" Reviewed by Unknown on 10 January Rating: 5

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