"There is no number amounting to 6,000 deaths."

Atty Trixie Cruz-Angeles on  from all  Facebook account defended President Rodrigo Duterte from the people criticizing him for all the deaths that have been linked to his drug war.

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The number has now reached 6,000, a number Cruz-Angeles questioned.

"Where did they get this number? And why are we swallowing this whole? " she said.

She said the statement that there are that many casualties was made so blithely, with no concern for the truth.

"Where are the words, "alleged" or "suspected" in relation to the deaths? Have all these deaths been investigated? Have the 3000 plus deaths not included in the PNP statistics been proven as relating to the drug war? who made this conclusion?" she said.

She said the victims should not be used as props in a propaganda to remove a duly elected president.

"I have always been against the irresponsible use of statistics, attributing each killing to the "war on drugs" or because Duterte "encouraged it." Victims deserve more than your disregard for the specifics of the circumstances of their death" she said.

SOURCE: Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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