Journalist Jojo Robles in his Facebook page on Thursday said that former Presidential Communicatoions Development ans Strategic Planning Office head Ramon "Ricky" Calandang is now serving as Vice President Leni Robredo's online and media guru and is also bragging about having people in the palace press who could influence news.

Composite photos from Robles' Facebook and Inquirer
Robles said that Carandang's new job is "chief drumbeater and troll-master of Aling Leni,"

He said However that the man's new job is notjust his PR duties to the VP, but he also offers influence over to key departments, one in Malacanang Palace and the other headed by a Cabinet member from whom he gets his salary.

"Carandang brags that he still has people embedded in the palace press office who can "influence" the news. And his "asset" who is the secretary of a key Department is supposedly able to help make regulatory problems go away for deep-pocketed investors who decide to use his pricey services," he said.

Robles said this Cabinet secretary pays Carandang along with his family which are die-hard liberal party supporters, and took Carandang when a businessman trying to win the President's favor had to get rid of him because he was to identified with Mar xand the Liberal Party.

Robles said Carandang had to be dropped, so the Cabinet Secretary's family took him in instead.

"This is Leni's media and online guru. And I'm certain his salary from the low-key outfit he now works for is way too small to fund his real job of selling the VP and attacking her online critics. Who also pays for this campaign?" he said.

SOURCE: Jojo Robles

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