Atty Trixie Cruz-Angeles on Saturday stated that reason why she keeps on defending President Rodrigo Duterte is because she saw him as a game-changer who listens to the voice of the people.

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Cruz-Angels said that Duterte is not afraid to ditch comfort zones, expose himself and take risks. She said that she herself has defended rebels and people who are brave enough to face enormous powers on their own.

She said that Duterte understands the flaws of the system, how it became flawed and how dynasties have kept it that way.

The lawyer mentioned the recent leaking of emails shared between powerful personalities in the Liberal party which plotted on giving Vice President Leni Robredo a better image and on destabilizing that of Duterte and Bongbong Marcos.

Cruz-Angeles said the leaking appears to be a conspiracy to commit sedition by oligarchs and Liberal Party stalwarts.

"These are not underdogs. These are not people who take risks to change things. If at all, they have such money and power at their disposal they can well afford to launch a rebellion or a coup," she said.

"The reason they can't is because it clearly appears that the interests are not to change things, they are to keep them the same. To keep them in power, and the rest of us locked out of it. They don't believe in vox populi. And therefore the populi do not believe in them. And neither do I," she added.

She said 2016 was the year of great unmasking where the people started to question news sources and politicians.

She said that the people also developed a beter use for the internet, such as making it a weapon for transparency and accountability, and in unmasking the President's enemies who seek his ouster.

"So we are back again, full circle. I side with the ones who seek change, the ones who have newly discovered their power. Vox populi. How can anyone not?" she said.

SOURCE: Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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