“My advice to the Executive branch is to exercise extreme care in basing your decisions on social media particularly on alleged plots appearing in social media.”

Franklin Drilon on #LeniLeaks: It’s a waste of time
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This was the statement of Senator Franklin Drilon on Monday regarding the #LeniLeaks scandal in an interview with reporters in Pasay City.

“In the first place, if it is really a credible plot, you will not find it in social media. Isn’t that logical? That if you’re plotting something, why should you place it in social media?” he added.

Drilon, a close ally and party mate of Vice President Leni Robredo in the Liberal Party (LP), said there are “trolls” operating in social media.

“It’s quite unfortunate that such issues are given attention by the Executive branch…It’s a waste of time,” he told.

Source: GMA News

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Franklin Drilon on #LeniLeaks: It’s a waste of time Franklin Drilon on #LeniLeaks: It’s a waste of time Reviewed by Kristian S. on 10 January Rating: 5

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