Former Interior and Local Government Secretary Rafael Alunan criticized the news agency The New York Times for releasing a statement on the country's drug war, saying that the agency does not understand that the deaths do not come upon orders of  the Rodrigo Duterte administration.

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NYT posted on their social media, "He has names of more than a million supposed drug dealers and corrupt officials in the Philippines. In this violent drug war, who is determining who dies?"

Alunan reacted on his Facebook by calling the agency a self-righteous parrot of disinformation experts, and a "know-it-all".

He then explained that there are many factors leading to the killings, which are approximately 6,000 as of writing.

He said criminals kill each other for their safety and sometimes policemen die too fulfilling their duties.

" it's as if the NYT doesn't know how the mob operates right under its noses. There is fierce competition in the streets for distribution control and market share to protect and expand its commercial gains. When gangs clash for territorial gain, they kill each other just like soldiers of countries fighting and killing to gain territory and defeat their enemies."

 "NYT, you didn't know that? Shame on you," he said.

He also said that in trying to sustain theier habit and those who fail, sometimes commit suicide or thrlent and thrill kill, making all addicts potentially violent.

He also said that there are government officials protecting mobsters who kill and are sometimes killed because of it.

Alunan also said that there vigilantes performing the killings for some unidentified reason.

There are also political enemies of Duterte who kill and try to frame it on him, Alunan said.

"You didn't report, wittingly or unwittingly, that almost a million have voluntarily surrendered or were arrested, and that they're alive because it won't fit your syndicated narrative that this government "plays God."" he said.

He said the agency framed so that it wouldn't report how the new administration is trying to fix the lapses of the last one when it comes to the narcotics trade.

"Who plays God, who decides who to live or die? You're right in its vortex and you don't know? Golly," he said.

"Instead of being a hit man for vested interests, why don't you be a good boy and place principles ahead of principals?" he added.

SOURCE: Rafael Alunan

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