Civil Service Commission former chairperson Ricardo Saludo in his column for the Manila Times said that President Rodrigo Duterte is losing the battle against crime and drugs.

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He said the only way for the President to win is if the people will help him.

"For sure, Duterte has shown toughness and resolve in fighting drugs, lawlessness and corruption. Problem is, there’s no way he and his administration can beat those entrenched scourges without help from the citizenry, key national sectors, and the international community. No way." he wrote.

He said that unless the nation makes the commitment and adopts the policies and practices of the current administration, criminality will resurface after he leaves.

"Plainly, major religions, local communities, business, civil society, and the citizenry must join hands with and give support to anti-graft reformers, honest officials and upright public servants. Otherwise, the dirty ones will find ways to continue and even expand and spread their venal ways." he wrote.

The writer reiterated that there is huge progress in the drug war with over one million surrenderees.

He said that fast forward to 2022 or 2019 when Duterte claimed he would step down, the next regime, including regional governements if  federalism is established might not continue the fight, especially if the citizenry wont help or care.

He said that if the drug problem is to be decisively and humanely solved, it will have to be through the collaboration of Filipinos families, barangays, religious and social welfare groups, and city and municipal authorities.

SOURCE: Manila Times

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Duterte will lose in drug war unless the people help, says former CSC chair Duterte will lose in drug war unless the people help, says former CSC chair Reviewed by Unknown on 04 January Rating: 5

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