President Rodrigo Duterte in an interview said that he will not change, and hat he is too old to do so.

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He said he will remain true to his personality to his grave.

" I will bring this identity of mine towards the universe wherever it ends up when you die. It is already my identity, my universal identity. It is not a matter of the flow of the mouth or flow of character,” he said.

He said the only time he changed his personality was when he started a family and had to be  more frugal.

“My children (prompted me to change). Yung medyo outlook na ganoon. You do not want to be careless noon. Tsaka yung saving money. Kuripot ako noon because I was living a dangerous life." he said.

"I was one of the prosecutors sa Davao City. But I was also one of the tanod bayan. Yung predecessor ng Ombudsman. I was appointed one of the only two tanod bayan prosecutors and we were going around Mindanao prosecuting almost karamihan, malversation cases,” he added.

SOURCE: Politiko

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