Doctor and human rights activist Lorraine Marie Badoy in her Facebook page said that Vice President Leni Robredo was wrong in saying that giving away condoms promotes promiscuity in the youth, adding that people should stop being susceptible to the lies of the church and get more educated.

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Badoy said that promiscuity should be dealt with intelligence and compassion where there should be no room for loose presumptions and lack of erudition, since lives are on the line.

The doctor highlighted the risks that the youth get when the engage in sex at an early age, such as cervical cancer and HIV/AIDS, slong with teenage pregnancy.

She said the Philippines is among the countries in Asia with the highest rates of teenage pregnancies.

"Think of all these lives that start out with this huge burden of having to raise a child when they themselves are mere children. What can the overwhelming majority of them be but a burden to society? There is a social cost to the exploding rate of teen pregnancies and it is unbearably high.

And what can be some of the causes of promiscuity in teens? Listen up, Leni," she said. 

"Right up there is low self-esteem and so they use sex to get the validation they need or as a way to cope, mental disorders like depression/anxiety disorders, problems at home that cause them to act out this way," she added.

She said there is a deeper problem than promiscuity and it needs to be unearthed,

She said being given a condom is not  a cause of promiscuity.

"Our children need our help.And we can only help them if we have educated ourselves and thus, stopped being susceptible to the lies peddled to us by the church, as well as politicians like Leni Robredo who suck up to the church," she said.

"Let the political whores among us stop using our children as the stones they step on to fulfill whatever political destinies they imagine they must fulfill in their delusional minds. Our children must be protected from these cynical bastards who would use them as sacrificial lambs in the altar of their ambitions," she added.

SOURCE: Lorraine Badoy

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