Doctor and human rights advocate Lorraine Marie Badoy on Tuesday said that Vice President Leni Robredo has no right to complain about President Rodrigo Duterte disrespecting her because it she was she who was first disrespectful and phony towards him.

Doctor to Leni: Dont blame Duterte, you were phony, disrespectful and a traitor

Badoy in her Facebook account said that Robredo's complaint about her disinvitation to Duterte's Vin D'Honneur was invalid.

She said the VP does not understand how the president works, citing the events leading to her resignation as an example. She said Duterte was mild in his manner of firing her, simply telling her no to attend Cabinet meetings.

She said the disinvitation to the Vin D'Honneur was a softer kinder version of what he really thinks of her, a "hypocrite, a traitor to the country, and a phony".

Badoy said Duterte was even kind considering he detests hypocrites.

She said this president detests plastic and has zero tolerance for those who would smile in his presence and stab him on the back.

"Leni Robredo says this with the thickest serving of irony on the side, “Nakakawalang gana na lang doon iyong manner kung paano ginagawa ang mga bagay,"" she said.

"Ah Madam VP, malamang walang-wala na rin ang gana ng Pangulo doon sa asal mo na ngiti sa harap nya, sabay todo-batikos sa napakaraming press con pag talikod nya," she added.

She said Robredo deserved it because of the million and one ways she undermined his presidency, citing her meeting with Loida Nicolas-Lewis as an example.

"Pero sana bigyan naman ng kaunting respeto ang opisina.”says someone who pals up with the destabilizer Loida Lewis and from whose office issued a most detailed list of how to thoroughly undermine the Presidency and to the point where he resigns," she said.

"The most disrespectful of the office of the President has asked that her office be respected. ISNORT." she added.

Badoy metioned the incident where Robredo used not being able to book a plane ticket home as an excuse for not being to come home.

"Hindi siguro kasing lakas ng tawa naming nung sinabi mo na hirap na hirap ang pangalawang pinakamakapangyarihang tao sa Pilipinas makahanap ng upuan pauwi ng Pilipinas," she said.

"He isn’t insulting your intelligence –the way you did ours. He’s just letting you down easy. Had he wanted to disrespect you, he’d have called for a press con," she added.

She said Robredo should have followed the President's lead when he was snobbed by the Diplomatic Corps who chose to honor her,

Badoy said Duterte's treatment to Robredo might not even be personal, it is just his personality to all who ignore him.

"This man feels the weight of his office with every fiber of his being. Nothing is about him these days and for the next 5 and a half years. Up until he is done serving his term of office, everything about him will be about country," she said.

"And so this patent disrespect of the Filipino people’s mandate by the VP Leni Robredo and her gang of power hungry clowns is not something he takes lightly," she added.

SOURCE: Lorraine Badoy

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Doctor to Leni: Dont blame Duterte, you were phony, disrespectful and a traitor Doctor to Leni: Dont blame Duterte, you were phony, disrespectful and a traitor Reviewed by Unknown on 17 January Rating: 5

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