#DisinviteLeni: UST alumnus asks why Leni should attend Miss U
After news of Vice President Leni Robredo not being invited to the Miss Universe pageant on Monday circulated in the air waves, netizens are now questioning why VP Leni should grace such event.

Mark Lopez, an alumnus of University of Santo Tomas, in a Facebook post, asked why the story of the non-invitation of the “non performing and non entity vice president” is given more importance by media outlets considering that there are more important issues such as the second anniversary of the Mamasampano siege.

It can be remembered that on Friday, the vice president said that she will not attend the pageant because she “was not invited.”

Lopez later blamed the former administration for the tragedy calling former president Noynoy Aquino an “an 'effingly coward and imbecilic ex-president.”

The Facebook post also questioned the significance of such event to the Office of the Vice President (OVP) that the “nation has to be rammed with the news” about the issue rather than focusing on the impact of the highly anticipated pageant to the country’s tourism.

VP Leni was later accused of plastering herself on social media on a daily basis and was asked if she is so crucial to the Filipinos lives given that she is a “non-performing vice president.”

Lopez ended his tirade by challenging the staff of the OVP to answer his questions and even offered seats to a local barangay pageant if the staff can comply.

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#DisinviteLeni: UST alumnus asks why Leni should attend Miss U #DisinviteLeni: UST alumnus asks why Leni should attend Miss U Reviewed by Kristian S. on 30 January Rating: 5

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