In the midst of tirades against what supposed to be a milestone for Mocha Uson as she welcomed 2017, showbiz authority Boy Abunda shared his thoughts opposing what many people from the same industry think of.

Boy Abunda supports Mocha's appointment: 'Give her a chance'
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The Tonight with Boy Abunda host said on his program's January 6 episode that she personally thinks Mocha is qualified for the position. Abunda also aired his take regarding the issue which seemed to stereotype and discriminate the artist, underestimating what the latter has to offer and questioning the contribution she can bring onto the table given her stint in the business. 

"Ayoko po nung diskriminasyon, nung stereotyping', he said.

The credible talkshow host turned university professor ended his punto de vista saying 'Let us give Mocha Uson a chance'.

Mocha herself said she accepted the offer for the sake of helping the department out of goodwill and not for any political aspirations as other people may think. The same even stated on her FB Page 'Mocha Uson Blog' that if the government permits, she will opt to do it for free since she is a volunteerism advocate. Otherwise, she will donate her salary to Duterte's Kitchen. 

According to her, she will only be part of the said until September of this year.

Source: Tonight with Boy Abunda

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Boy Abunda supports Mocha's appointment: 'Give her a chance' Boy Abunda supports Mocha's appointment: 'Give her a chance' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 07 January Rating: 5

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